Dhamma Talks

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This Blog contains links to listen to or Download Dhamma Talks by Venerable Ayya Khema. (Ayya means Female Teacher as Ajahn mean male teacher in the monastic tradition)
To access the MP3 Files go to the relevent Page by Clicking  the Page Numbers  on Top Menu or

 below marked by P1 to P8

P1Transcendental Dependent Arising  – Recordings of Question Answer sessions at  GAMPO Abey
P1– Talks from 1988Mount Mary Immaculate, Lafayette, California – 1988
P2– Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, USA  1996 ( From the Retreat 28.06.1996  to  06.7.1996)
P2– Talks given in Mercy Conference Center, Brisbane, Australia – 1996

P3- Talks given in Canberra 1989
P3-Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, NSW, Australia – March /April 1990

P4– Mount Mary Immaculate, Lafayette, California, USA – May 1990

P5– Selected Talks from Sri Lanka, Contemplations and Guided Meditations

P6- Gaia House, England 1990, Melbourne School- Jan 1990

P7– Geelong, Australia 5 Talks in Jan 1990,  Wat Buddha Dhamma Feb 1990

P8– Ten Talks from a Retreat in Mt Eliza Melbourne 1992